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Rainbow Art Making Club: With Make It Mindful Norfolk

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Our first ever Rainbow Art Making Club started in September 2020 and was full to capacity with families from in and outside Norwich. Thanks to Make It Mindful Norfolk we explored mindfulness and made art to inspire connection and kindness in the community - from friendship bracelets, to rainbow button canvases. 

We are inviting art from children to send positive messages to care homes in the city. Some of the children's fab rainbow button canvases will be going into a display at Cavall Court Care Home. 

Watch out for two Facebook lives happening in October and November 2020 hosted by Make It Mindful to help you spread kindness and make art for the elderly!

Ideas for socially distanced play
Children Playing by the Sea

Tips on hosting socially distanced playdates​


Socially distanced playdates, a never before done concept for current times. Guidance is always changing and who knows soon, they may be a thing of the past. But in the meantime, here are some ideas. Or why not try some of our fun art challenges together?

Key to a successful socially distanced playdate is talking to the other family first, about your expectations. Ensuring both children and parents know what the boundaries are, to minimise having to interrupt their play. With a bit of planning and a focus on play, games, fun and interaction, children can interact positively with their friends. Note that younger children under 5, may find this harder, the BBC recommends encouraging hugs on legs from very little ones as a safer way to hug!


Outdoor space is an ideal setting. Scooters, bikes and running races are all great ways to have fun. Games of hide and seek, treasure hunts, shadow tag (chasing shadows rather than each other). Picnics and telling jokes. Bubble blowing, water gun fights. Tree climbing. Building dens. Feeding ducks. Fishing. Water sports in canoes and kayaks, can also work well. 

5 Socially Distanced Games

Social Distancing: a practical guide:

How to host a socially distanced play date

Online Fun
Virtual Reality Game

Tips on using online platforms to help families and children socialise. 

There has never been more interest in online technology to help people keep in touch. But what are the go to platforms that families have used to help stay connected? Zoom is the number one preferred option, but it's not the only one available to families. There are apps, too, that are more interactive and can help younger children play games with each other - like House Party. Or Facebook messenger's video call option has funny filters kids can use to make their playdate go wild! 


Virtual Playdate Ideas, Woman's Day

Socialising Remotely, Common Sense Media

Helping Kids Connect, Good Housekeeping


Mental Health

Support for Mental Health

Looking after ourselves as parents is key, as well as our children. The world faces unprecedented challenges and reaching out for help, for your mental health is key. Keeping in touch with family and friends is one of the best ways to combat pressure and isolation. If you have an isolated older family member many mutual aid groups run chat services that may help them, or could provide voluntary assistance. The following are useful links to help you.


Family wellbeing in isolation

Build Sound Minds (Action for Children Campaign)



My Family Your Needs

Mindfulness in Child's Play


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